Amrella credits the following platforms for the services they provide :

  • Hostinger – domain, hosting, CDN
  • WordPress – CMS, plugins
  • WooCommerce – shop
  • BuddyBoss, BuddyPress – social networking plugins
  • Vikinger – theme, UI
  • bbPress – forums
  • Better Messages – faster chat
  • Jitsi – video meetings
  • Gamipress – gamification
  • YouTube Audio – live radio script
  • WP Mail SMTP, SendGrid – email notifications
  • Titan Mail – custom email service
  • OneAll Social Login – quick authentication

If you find any missing information, feel free to use the button below to contact the parent organization.

Please note that this is NOT the actual Amrella social platform. It is currently a pseudo project that is occupying the server and the domain. Although THIS current version is functional, it is not optimized for a real-time experience. Any accounts or content created on this current version will be later migrated to the actual Amrella platform in the future. So feel free to dive in!

This is not something like a React.js webapp that you can just expect interactions to appear immediately as they occur!