Alan Walker Music Video Section

A special page on Amrella dedicated just for Alan Walker. He is one of Dewan Mukto’s role models in music production and cinematography.


Alan Walker Faded

At first impression, the video takes viewers on an imaginative journey through time and space, into what appears to be a dystopian scenario. The main actor in focus, Shahab Salehi, roams around urban locations. Devoid of people or any sign of humanity. Similarly, he wears a hoodie with a mask on as if to symbolize the solitude he is facing.

(That’s right! Most people are falsely deluded by the fact that Alan Walker appears in his music videos. But that is not the case. Keep an eye on the video descriptions always!)

With angelic vocals backing up the music, viewers follow on Shahab Salehi’s footsteps. He explores and searches around for someone. Later, it is revealed to be ‘someplace’ that he is looking for.

Speaking of the music, the main composition is produced and designed by Alan WalkerIselin Solheim plays a crucial role of being the vocalist for this music video. Her voice was able to create the serene voice guiding the background tune. The lyrics are based on ‘Atlantis’, a Greek myth about an underwater utopia lost from mankind. Likewise, the audio had been specifically manipulated in order to offer some sort of reverberating ‘underwater’ effect. Overall, the tone of the musical attributes and the environment set up for this particular music video had been creatively and wisely suited for delivering a message to the audience.

And that explains why that particular music video continues to increase its views per day — there are lots of people listening to it regularly, in an attempt to depart with their own depressions and materialistic problems. The whole team behind Alan Walker’s music videos attempt to produce works that reflect a sign of “hope” in lots of unique dystopian settings.


Alan Walker Alone


Alan Walker Spectre

Sing Me To Sleep

Alan Walker Sing Me To Sleep

On My Way

Alan Walker On My Way