Hi there!

If you are here for a free subdomain, you have arrived at the right place!

However, you would need to have an Amrella account and obtain the following user rank to be eligible for a free subdomain ( :


Users who are familiar with the basics of Amrella

5 Requirements

  1. Post 5 times
  2. Send messages 5 times
  3. Get 5 likes on any post
  4. Post 5 times in any group
  5. Reach a balance of 100 Gold

And as for a premium domain (,, you can either pay $5 per year ($40 with a $10 discount for 10 years) or obtain the following rank to get them for free:


Users who deserve to be praised for their contributions and influence on these digital spaces.

5 Requirements

Feel free to contact @amrella for further information.

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