Overview of Features

If you’re reading this, welcome to Amrella!

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, this article is aimed at briefly providing a list of Amrella’s features and functionalities.

Communication πŸ’­

  • Private messaging – visit someone’s profile and use the ‘Send Message’ button to initiate a 1-to-1 conversation with them.
  • Group messaging – visit your message inbox and use the ‘Compose’ icon to open a new chat window. Then, type in the names of the members you want in your chat group.
  • Discussions – visit a forum and communicate with the rest of the group’s community in the form of post-like messages and replies. They can also ‘Subscribe’ to follow any updates related to the discussion or ‘Favorite’ it to save it for later.
  • Guest Helpdesk – if you do not have an Amrella account yet, then you can feel free to drop-in for asking any questions or talking about any issues you are facing, anonymously. People who already have an account, however, are not allowed to use this feature. Rather, they can directly contact any of the administrators via messages.

Social πŸ₯³

  • News feed – the homepage of Amrella displays timeline content related to the people you are following or are connected to.
  • Timeline – everyone has a timeline on their profile that displays posts and updates that they have shared.
  • Groups – a community of multiple people. Anyone can create one and configure its privacy (public, private or hidden). Every group also has its own groupchat automatically included as part of your Amrella Chat.
  • Forums – every group has a discussion section which displays all the discussions that are related to the group. Group members can reply to add their own ideas, answers or opinions to the topic or question.
  • Posts – generally each post can contain text or a combination of text and media (images, videos, documents, etc.) and everyone has the option to customize the text content with formatting styles (bold, italics, links, etc.). As of now, you can edit your post upto 7 days from the time of publication.

File Sharing πŸ“

Amrella has a centralized content management system (CMS) that allows people to add custom files (e.g. PDFs, compressed zip folders) to their posts, messages or discussions. In addition, people can categorize certain content into collections called ‘Albums’. If the content is not a traditional type (image, video or link) then the file becomes part of your ‘Documents‘ section. Depending on the privacy set for the file, people on and off Amrella may be able to access and download any files that are completely public.

As of now, the following upload limits are in place :

  • πŸ“· Images – can upload upto 10 per post, with a maximum size of 512 MB.
  • πŸŽ₯ Videos – can upload only 1 per post, with a maximum size of 1024 MB (1 GB).
  • πŸ“„ Documents/Files – can upload upto 20 per post, with a maximum size of 1024 MB (1 GB).

Sending attachments in the Amrella messenger will remain in the chat for upto 90 days before being automatically deleted. You can also feel free to delete them anytime before the expiry period. If you intend to keep them for longer than 90 days, you are suggested to upload them as part of your “documents” instead.

Privacy πŸ›‘οΈ

Amrella respects your privacy with utmost sincerity. You have the ability to control privacy on your posts, profile information, and any content you may upload. You can instantly delete all your messages in a particular conversation or group chat if the need ever arises. You also have the right to download a copy of your data or to permanently have all your data erased from our servers forever. Feel free to contact a member of the administration team for more information or assistance.

Customization 🎨

  • Animated GIFs – upload animated GIF images for your profile or group cover images to apply an extra element of decoration. You can also add them to your posts or messages.
  • Theme Switcher – use the ‘πŸ”†’ button to switch between the dark and light themes that inverts the colors of the background.
  • Text Formatting – just like markdown on certain platforms, you can decorate your text in posts, discussions or messages with bold, italics, quotations, code syntax, etc.

Gamification πŸ‘‘

  • Pulses – these points denote how active a person is. Daily rewards are granted for certain activities like posting content, sending messages, etc.
  • Reputation – these points show how trustworthy and valuable a person is. They can be earned through community interactions, e.g. by having their content favorited by others, earning followers, etc.
  • Achievements – these “quests” denote certain accomplishments undertaken by a person.
  • Ranks – these stats denote how valuable and experienced a person is. Just like progressing through a battle pass on certain games.

Notifications πŸ“«

Amrella users can adjust their notification preferences in their ‘Account’ settings. Currently Amrella supports either email or web notifications or both (by default).

Moderation βš”οΈ

We provide a platform for free speech as long as it remains within the regulations described by our Terms of Service. However, in case you or anyone finds any content that is discomforting or you believe that it should not belong on Amrella, feel free to use the ‘Report’ option to immediately notify the administration team. We will reward you if you ever successfully report such content or media; we will punish anyone who misuses the reporting feature. You can also block members who are not violating any rules but you think you don’t want them to contact or follow you.

Extras 🌟

  • Gaming Theme – activate the button to enable a color-changing background to add some feels and cosy vibes to the Amrella environment.
  • Live Radio – listen to some soothing music while you browse!
  • Blogging – for select individuals, you shall be granted the power to write and publish articles on Amrella! Keep all your content centralized under one roof.

Got an idea? Feel free to suggest any! Contact @amrella or @dewanmukto to get a new feature added to Amrella!

The list of features mentioned here are non-exhaustive. More features may be added from time to time. Feel free to check back here regularly to stay up-to-date with the capabilities that Amrella provides.

Last Updated 26 Sept 2023

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