Privacy Policy

Who we are

Amrella is a social media platform. The first free-to-use version was publicly launched in October 2020, but had to be shut down in December 2022 due to incompatibility with the previous hosting provider. This current version was launched in April 2023.

Outlined here are some facts that users of Amrella should be aware of.


When users upload content on the platform, the user’s IP address and browser user agent string is automatically recorded by our servers to help prevent spam or suspicious activities.


While uploading images to the platform, you should be aware that images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) may be misused by others. Always remember to check your privacy settings. Deleting any images or media also automatically erases it from our servers. However, malicious users may have already downloaded and extracted any location data from images they may have found publicly.


Cookies are essential for your convenience so that you do not have to re-login with your credentials (email address, username, password) again and again. The cookies will generally expire after one year, but you can easily clear them from your browser.

Everytime you visit our login page, a temporary cookie is set (regardless of whether you have successfully logged in) to determine if the device you are using accepts cookies or not. This cookie contains no personal data and is destroyed whenever you close Amrella.

Several cookies may be stored to save your login credentials. The login cookies last for 2 days, and screen options cookies last for 1 year. By selecting “Remember Me”, your logged in status will remain for upto 14 days. Everytime you log out, the login cookies will also be discarded.

Please note that cookies are NOT the same as the data or content on the platform.

Embedded Content

Be aware that content on Amrella may include embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.) from other websites which would behave exactly in the same way as if the user has visited the other website in question. Generally, this would not be the case for ordinary posts since we disallow the usage of embedded content.

The only situation where such embedded content would appear is within official posts authored by any of the administrators of Amrella. Thus, users need not worry about being exposed to external scripts or content directly.

Who we share your data with

At the moment, Amrella does not externally distribute any information about its users outside the scope of its servers. But please note that for any kind of communication between us and the user, e.g. requesting a password reset, the user’s IP address will be included in any emails we send.

How long we retain your data

Your information will be stored in our servers for as long as you wish to use Amrella. Every time you delete any content, the changes are immediately reflected on our main instance of the server. In case you wish to permanently delete your account and all its information, feel free to contact us.

What rights you have over your data

You own all rights to your own information and/or content as long as you are its rightful owner or creator. Unless we receive any claims otherwise, you can freely post or remove your content. If you wish, you can request to have a copy of all your personal data exported in a file to be downloaded by you.

For administrative, legal, or security purposes, we may have to retain certain information until you submit an application to us.

Where your data is sent

All information and data on this version of the platform is stored on our hosting provider’s servers, Hostinger.


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