Upgrade to VIP


Subscription for extra features on Amrella


Thinking of upgrading to a VIP status? Well you’ve chosen the right thing to do!

Here’s why :

💎 VIP Badges
Show off your VIP badge with honor and glory.

📧 Email Access
Get access to a special email account inbox with 1 GB of capacity.

🎥 Video Meetings
Have the ability to attend and host live audio/video meetings! Can also stream the meeting directly to YouTube!

🏷️ Profile Link
Activate a shortened version of your profile URL so you can share that everywhere instead of the long jumbled ID number in the default profile link.

💝 Project Support
You will automatically contribute towards the development if you purchase any of the VIP status badges.

🔓 Access VIP-only groups
With a VIP badge, you have no restrictions on accessing VIP-only content and districts (groups).

📈 Hit the trending list
Get your posts and questions ranked up!

🌟 Get featured
Become a star! Your profile will get featured at the front right up!

🛒 Shop Discounts
Get up to 25% off items on sale on the Amrella store.

🛠️ Early Access
Be the first to try out new features!

💵 Monetization
Have the ability to earn profits based off your Amrella account and content.*

*requires a minimum of 100 followers and 1000 total views on your profile/content

**the quantity you order resembles the number of months for which you are purchasing VIP membership. Currently the purchases are non-refundable. For more information or assistance, please contact