the social platform that cares

With Amrella, you can only think of the benefits. Leave the drawbacks and worries for us to handle!

A quick introduction

Watch this video to know about Amrella Social and what it promises.

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Imagine a social platform


Unlike other mainstream social media platforms, Amrella vows to guard your personal information and content with utmost confidentiality.


No data is sold out to advertisers or analysts.


Unlike other mainstream social media platforms, Amrella allows its users to enjoy a full fleet of features to ensure their needs are met with precision.


This includes the ability to customize your profiles with animated GIFs.


Unlike other mainstream social media platforms, Amrella is a global stage for giving everyone a voice.


However, this perk must be limited to what is allowed by the powers of our terms of service.

Current features


Publish content for the world to see, or only your followers and friends.


Engage in wholesome conversations with family, dramatic gossips with friends, or safely share secrets to your bestie, via private 1-on-1 chats or groupchats with multiple people.


Curate content about specific topics or follow your favorite fandoms! Contact members in the group’s associated groupchat!


Discuss, ask, debate - do whatever you please with forums attached to each group. Expand upon knowledge, either yours or others’!


Publish videos, images, PDFs, and virtually any kind of file along with your posts.

Animated GIFs

Spice up your decorations with animated GIFs for your profile pictures, banners, and group icons.


Upload and store documents for sharing with others or to securely store it in Amrella’s own servers


Host audio or video meetings for your groups, or unlock a private room with a VIP membership!

Text Formatting

Use markdown-like formatting for your posts and messages by selecting the text and choosing the style, e.g. bold, italics, strikethrough, etc.


Earn points, badges, ranks, achievements and in-platform rewards for certain activities and experiences on Amrella

Live Radio

Vibe to some soothing music while you browse on Amrella.

Gaming Theme

A special color-changing background for lighting up your bedroom at late night heists.

Compare them yourself






Join the new generation

  • no distractions, no ads
  • no pesky policies invading your privacy
  • just you, your friends (and maybe) your family
  • no evil algorithm feeding off your inner desires

Other services

Domains by Amrella

Register a subdomain for free or unlock your own via in-platform achievements! Paid domains are also available at discounted rates.

Web Hosting by Amrella

Get 10 GB for less than $1 per month, billed annually. Credit options available. Contact Amrella for more details. A free hosting tier is also available.

Marketplace by Amrella

Browse through memberships, clothing, books and more on Amrella’s own shop! Advertising options available. Sellers can also request to host their store.