Terms of Service

Usage of Amrella is subject to the following:

  • Users of the Amrella social media platform are expected to maintain a high standard of decency while using Amrella and its subsets or services. Some slight detachment is acceptable, but going overboard is definitely a breach of the personality requirements.
  • Users should not post or comment about any religion, race, or politics with prejudice. Everyone must respect one and another appropriately.
  • Users must be atleast 13 years old in order to sign up for an account. The community standards at Amrella are carefully moderated to be suitable for such young users.
  • Users may use their real name or an alias. But there must be no portrayal of inappropriate content associated with them whatsoever. Naming yourself in such a way will attract moderators’ attention and eventually result in suspension of your account.
  • As a fellow user, you have the ability to report suspicious activities and content with ease. The moderation team is very sincere about these matters. However, if a user misuses this ability, this counts as a “false alarm”. Thus, the user’s account would be suspended for 7 days.
  • To maximize everyone’s safety, users should know that their accounts may be privately checked at any time by the moderation team for hidden malicious activites or during the course of an investigation.
  • Users should be aware that malicious activities and discussions are easily tracked by the moderation team. No illegal activities, trade or malicious conversations are allowed. If there is such an occurence, Amrella reserves the right to suspend or delete the user’s account with zero guarantee of the user’s profile or information to be exported and sent back to them.
  • If required, Amrella’s moderation team may suspend or ban your account due to violations of our privacy policy. There is a 90% guarantee that Amrella will safely export all the content of that account; otherwise there is a 10% chance that the information will be permanently deleted forever.
  • Users should know that the terms and conditions stated on this page may change anytime without notice. But we will try our best to always inform everyone about any new changes atleast 3 months in advance.