User Ranks



Users who rule the Amrellaverse with their fame, charisma, intellect and skills.

7 Requirements


Users who deserve to be praised for their contributions and influence on these digital spaces.

5 Requirements


Users who have begun to gain an influence on the community.

7 Requirements

  • Post 15 times
  • Reach the Advanced Rank
  • Reach a balance of 500 Gold
  • Join 10 groups
  • Regularly visit Amrella
  • Create 3 groups of your own
  • Make 20 connections


Users who truly have mastered the arts of Amrella socializing and communication.

6 Requirements

  1. Post 10 times
  2. Make 5 connections
  3. Join 2 private groups
  4. Get 5 comments on any posts
  5. Become a moderator/admin of any group
  6. Chat frequently with people


Users who are familiar with the basics of Amrella

5 Requirements

  1. Post 5 times
  2. Send messages 5 times
  3. Get 5 likes on any post
  4. Post 5 times in any group
  5. Reach a balance of 100 Gold


This rank is automatically awarded to everyone who registers to the site!

Trusted Users

Valued Users